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Take Note 2017


Take Note 2017

1. Read the rules and Syllabus carefully before registering to avoid errors in registration.

2. Announcing the Anniversary Awards celebrating Canada’s 150th Birthday, Windsor’s 125th Birthday and the Kiwanis Music Festival Windsor Essex County’s 70th Birthday!  The top 3 marks in any discipline for entries in Canadian Composer classes.

3. During the Kiwanis Music Festival Windsor-Essex County, once an entrant is offered a recommendation to Provincial Competition by phone and email, that recommendation becomes null and void if it is not accepted within 24 hours after the offer is made by phone and email.

4. In an effort to discourage late entries, the penalty fee has been increased to $20 when an entry is received after the deadline of January 27, 2017.

5. In the event that a competitor has completed an RCM or CC exam in January of the festival year a competitor is still eligible to compete at that same level.

6. Piano compositions identified as Studies by either the Canadian Conservatory or the Royal Conservatory of Music are NOT permitted in classes other than classes specifically for Studies.

7. New award – Donald D. Brown Trophy for duet in any discipline.

8. Check for additional classes in Harp celebrating Canadian Composers.

9. Check for slight changes in the piano Concerto classes to reflect changes at the provincial level.